Usage masscan : substitute for Nmap

Masscan is called as fastest TCP port scanner. It is similar to Nmap, a popular network scanner. Below is the list of commands that help you in using masscan. Click Here if you are interested in Most Asked Nmap Interview Questions asked by Big Companies.

1. Display help

#masscan -h

2. Scan

#masscan -p 0-65535

3. Capture output in grep (-oG), xml (-oX) etc

#masscan -p 0-65535 -oG test

4. Increase scan speed using ‘--rate’

#masscan -p 80 --rate 10000

5. Exclude and include host for scan in file

#masscan -p 80 453.43.4.1/24 --excludefile ExcFile
#masscan -p 80 453.43.4.1/24 --includefile IncFile

6. Put all commands in .conf file and scan with ‘-c’ command



Masscan is an awesome tool and the only single tool that is capable to replace Nmap. It is recommended to learn both tools in great detail as it helps you to identify more vulnerabilities in IT system.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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